4 Qualities of a Professional Chauffeur That Will Elevate Your Travel Experience

A person wearing a gloved hand holding the handle of a car door.
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Traveling in a limo is supposed to be a special experience. When you hire a professional chauffeur in a luxury vehicle, you know you’ll arrive in style and celebrate a special occasion with friends or family. Getting a good chauffeur is just as important to your travel experience as booking a good vehicle. Hiring a professional chauffeur ensures you don’t have to worry about safety or service and that event transportation will go smoothly and well.

What Makes a Great Chauffeur?

There’s a lot that goes into making a great chauffeur, and we look for all of them in the drivers we hire. To help you make the most of your special occasion, all our chauffeurs need these four aces:


Getting safely to and from your event is our first priority. Our drivers must show a clean driving record before we hire them, and they need to keep their perfect safety record on and off the job. We only hire drivers who obey the law, drive safe for the road conditions, and give you the smoothest, safest ride of your life.

Customer Service

Our drivers are the face of the company, and we like to put on the best face possible when you hire a limo from us. Our professional chauffeurs greet you at the beginning of your ride and make sure you have everything you need to enjoy the trip to where you’re going. At the destination, our drivers hold the door for you and won’t keep you waiting when it’s time to go home. Whether you’re booking a party bus for prom or a no-frills car service at the airport, our drivers help create a special experience for you.

Local Insight

Sterling Limousine and Transportation Services has served the Philadelphia area for many years, and our drivers know the roads like their own backyard. You can’t travel in style if your driver needs to ask for directions or double back after missing a turn, and with the professional drivers in our limousine service, that won’t be an issue.


Traveling in a limo is supposed to be special, and a professional chauffeur should know it. From the moment your chauffeur arrives to when you get dropped off, your driver should be alert and professional and present a demeanor that enhances the formality and fun of your special events. Your driver’s flair is seen in the little things, such as:

  • A clean, well-tailored uniform that’s sharply pressed and worn well
  • A formal but positive attitude and way of speaking
  • Attention to detail, such as how to stand at attention and how to hold a door for VIP passengers like you

Traveling In a Limo With a Professional Chauffeur

Do you want to travel in style with the Greater Philadelphia area’s best event transportation providers? Sterling Limo offers chauffeured services for business and fun, special events, and private occasions. Whether you need a mini bus for rent, a private town car, or a rolling party van, our professional drivers can make it happen for you. Find out how much of a difference your driver makes when traveling in a limo by contacting us online to discuss transportation services for your next event.