Global Positioning System

GPS Sterling Limousine & Transportation Services employs a tracking solution from InSight USA utilizing high speed wireless technology and satellite based Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to obtain vehicle location and velocity information.   Dispatch personnel always know where each vehicle in our fleet is located and their exact location thereby enabling our dispatch team with the ability to make up-to-the-moment vehicle management decisions that have an immediate positive impact on our customers.   The InSight GPS System displays the exact locations of vehicles on multiple maps with different zoom levels. The dispatcher can easily zoom to the surrounding area to see which vehicles are in the vicinity for last minute ASAP request for a service. The System also logs all vehicle locations and events. Any log can be recalled to display the activities of any vehicle, group of vehicles, or all vehicles during a specified time interval.   This GPS system provides our Dispatch Office with real time vehicle status and location. With 48-plus vehicles on the roads at any given time, the Sterling dispatch team can monitor the speed of traffic flow on virtually every major highway and divert drivers away from congestion problems on a moment's notice.  

"This saves time, fuel and money but most importantly, we serve our customers better."