Meet Your Chauffeur

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+++MEET YOUR CHAUFFEURS+++ Dennis B!! A true team player and an invaluable asset. No matter the job type or vehicle type dispatch knows the job will be completed flawlessly when Den is on the job. Thank you for your commitment and all of your continued hard work. Here’s to many more years!! -How long have you been with Sterling? 8 years

-What is your favorite hobby?
Reading- books , newspapers, etc

-What do you like to do when you are not working?
Going over to see my grandson and interact with him. Also I have my “Honey Do” list to accomplish.

-What is your most favorite place you have driven a client to?
The Pentagon

-What do you like best about working at Sterling?
The ability to work my own schedule and not do the same thing everyday. Meeting new , interesting people. That the company has invested in new technology that makes my job more efficient and seamless. Also that customer is constantly updated of the progress of their trip . Communication is the key to any business.