Ride Safely with DriveCam

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When you use a ride-sharing service, public transportation or when you order a taxi or limousine, you’re essentially putting your life in a stranger’s hands. Here at Sterling Limousine & Transportation Services, we use DriveCam in our fleet to take the risk out of driving and make sure you feel safe at all times.


DriveCam pioneered this innovative solution 20 years ago. The system continuously monitors the driver with exception-based video capture to identify patterns of risky driving behavior.


Later, they implemented a comprehensive program that identifies, prioritizes and corrects the causes of poor driving, preventing future collisions. In turn, this prevention also counters the filing of fraudulent claims while more importantly, saving lives. Much like an airplane’s “black box,” DriveCam administers a small digital video recorder with two lenses to capture a 180-degree view of the driver as well as what’s taking place in front of the vehicle.


Ensuring that you are safe and comfortable is our top priority. DriveCam allows you to ride in our limos for your New Jersey wedding without having to worry because it will provide the following:


  • Real-time in-vehicle feedback allows drivers to make corrections
  • Proprietary video and data analysis that provides a thorough profile of drivers and their driving
  • Safe driving coaching and training techniques
  • Online tools that offer company-wide visibility and accountability, as well as hotspot mapping that analyzes risky driving situations
  • Program reviews to gauge best practices


While DriveCam is always on the lookout, it is only programmed to record if it’s triggered. It will begin recording when the vehicle’s threshold level of G-forces is exceeded. Events may be triggered due to stopping short, rapid acceleration, harsh cornering or an actual collision.


Under any of these circumstances, DriveCam will record everything that it sees and hears, beginning 10 seconds before the trigger and stopping 10 seconds after the trigger. This cutting-edge technology allows the system to go back in its memory to record what transpired before, during and after the triggered event.


For smooth and safe limo services throughout the Philadelphia, PA area, contact our team at Sterling Limousine & Transportation Services. Call 215-598-3701 or continue browsing our website for more information.