Is a TNC Your Best Option for Convenient Ride Reservations?

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In the past five years, ride-sharing apps—also called transportation network companies (TNCs)—have exploded in popularity. While TNCs are becoming a ubiquitous part of the urban landscape (and, increasingly, suburban ones as well), so are the safety concerns associated with them. Reports abound of intoxicated drivers, accidents or even the victimization of passengers, more than a few of whom have reported TNC drivers robbing or assaulting them. A TNC may be convenient, but is access to an on-demand ride worth the risk? And is there any way passengers can hail real-time rides without the unpleasant side effects? Let’s look into the difference between TNCs and established transportation companies to find the answer. Dangerous Driver or Sober Chauffeur? TNC drivers are usually part-time contractors, not full-time employees, meaning that they’re not subject to the amount of oversight that a full-time chauffeur at a ground transportation company would be. Furthermore, TNC drivers are rarely subjected to criminal background checks, and there is no guarantee of their sobriety. TNCs take drivers’ word that they will conduct themselves appropriately, refrain from substance use and drive safely. For traditional ground transportation companies like Sterling Limousine & Transportation, word alone is not enough. Our chauffeurs all undergo a background and sobriety check prior to hiring, plus training in proper driving techniques so that our passengers stay safe under their care. Safety Second—Or Third… If you’ve ever taken a nerve-grating trip with a ride-share driver whose brakes squeaked and engine rattled, you know that TNCs don’t guarantee vehicle safety for their passengers. TNCs rely on their contract drivers to stay on top of vehicle maintenance, and it’s unlikely that any driver will be as rigorous as a ground transportation company. Companies like Sterling Limousine & Transportation, on the other hand, perform daily maintenance and regular inspections on their fleet. Maintaining a fleet of road-ready vehicles is imperative to passengers’ safety. Convenience Isn’t Everything (But You Can Have it All) Many TNC app users forego safety considerations because of the supposed affordability and convenience of an app compared to a traditional provider. But this is a glaring misperception. Many ground transportation providers offer competitive rates, and, not to mention, never have periods of higher-than-average “surge” pricing. Plus, many providers have adapted ride-sharing technology for their own purposes, and offer on-demand or online reservations that are just as convenient as those offered by TNCs. You don’t have to sacrifice safety for convenience. Learn more about our commitment to passengers’ security at