Dash Cams by Samsara

Samsara and Sterling Limo have partnered to provide the safest and most reliable limo experience for you. By combining data from in-vehicle sensors, video footage from dash cameras, and insights from a powerful cloud-based platform, Samsara helps fleets prevent accidents and take control of their safety programs.

Sterling has installed Samsara’s internet-connected dash cameras to keep their fleet and passengers safe. Samsara’s dual-facing dash cams allow Sterling to both monitor road conditions and to ensure the professionalism of their drivers.

HD Dash Cams                                                                                            

Samsara’s dash cams capture high definition footage with a resolution of 1080p and have infrared LED for nighttime recording. The cameras start rolling as soon as the vehicle is turned on, but they only transfer footage if a harsh event is detected. If a vehicle gets in an accident, accelerates rapidly, or slams on the brakes, it will be picked up by Samsara’s sensors and the camera will upload footage of the incident to the Samsara cloud dashboard so that the Sterling team can review what happened and take action as necessary.

AI-Powered Reports

Samsara’s fleet safety platform also leverages the power of artificial intelligence to detect and flag distracted driving, addressing one of the leading causes of preventable accidents. Using computer vision, automatic reports review and tag video based on the driver’s gaze, following distance, and nearby objects to determine if a driver is focused or distracted. If a collision does occur, Sterling can exonerate not-at-fault drivers by proving their attentiveness to the road.

Driver Coaching

With this data, Samsara builds safety reports and driver scoreboards so Sterling can make sure drivers are meeting their high standards and intervene if that’s ever not the case. By using dash cam footage in their driver safety program, Sterling can provide one-on-one coaching to correct any issues and to recognize drivers for excellent service.

Samsara’s driver app uses elements of game design to promote safety by allowing drivers to see where they rank on the company leaderboard and engaging them in friendly competition.

Even when en route, Samsara’s dash cameras can make a difference in driver behavior. The dash cams come with a built-in audio speaker that warns drivers who are speeding, not wearing a seat belt, or engaged in dangerous driving in real time.

On-Demand Video

With Samsara, Sterling is able to investigate complaints and avoid false claims. Samsara offers on-demand video retrieval that allows the team to quickly pull footage of specific dates and times to verify if their vehicles were at a particular location and if a claim has merit.

No matter if footage is automatically uploaded or requested, Samsara takes data security seriously and transfers all data using best-in-class SSL / 256 bit AES military-grade encryption.

Together, Sterling Limo and Samsara are working to keep drivers and passengers safe and to provide the best possible customer experience.

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Real-Time GPS with Samsara

Sterling Limo is committed to offering the best limo service and has partnered with Samsara to provide innovative solutions that make your trip even more enjoyable. Samsara is a complete platform for connected operations and helps fleets improve their efficiency, safety, and customer service.

With Samsara’s live GPS tracking, Sterling can see their fleet in real time, along with traffic and weather conditions. Because Samsara’s technology provides up-to-the-second location information, the Sterling team can react instantly to reroute vehicles to last-minute bookings, assist drivers if they’re at the wrong pick-up location, and give customers accurate ETAs.

All of this means that you get the best possible customer experience: because the Sterling team can see each vehicle’s distance from pick-up and drop-off locations, they can be proactive about ensuring timely arrivals.

Samsara also offers route optimization and dispatching so that drivers can be assigned to pick up the closest passengers based on distance and traffic conditions. Route analytics give insight into historical trends and on-time performance, allowing Sterling to meet their standards for prompt, professional service.

Sterling Limo and Samsara look forward to sharing with you their joint commitment to safety best practices, operational efficiency, and excellent customer service the next time you book a ride.

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