We Make Safety a Top Priority, With Help From Samsara

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If you’re flying in from another state, for business or pleasure, you can count yourself lucky if your flight arrives on time and your luggage doesn’t get lost. Flying can be a hassle, but that hassle can turn to relaxation and relief if a car from Sterling Limousine & Transportation Services’ fleet is there to meet you when your plane lands. 

Our airport car service, available in the Harrisburg and Philadelphia, PA areas, is the end of your airport nightmare and the beginning of what we hope will be a pleasant stay at your destination. We go the full nine yards to ensure your safety and comfort while we’re getting you where you need to be. Our safety technology is powered by our partner, the Internet-of-Things company Samsara, and includes some of the most advanced and effective equipment currently available:

Internet-Connected Dashboard Cameras

Our vehicles have sensors that constantly collect data as the vehicle is being driven. This, combined with recorded, 1080p video from dash cams and artificial intelligence from a platform based in the cloud, helps our fleet stay safe and avoid accidents. These cameras are equipped with infrared LED for recording at night and are dual-facing, allowing us to view the road ahead and what is happening in the vehicle to keep our drivers supervised and professional. 

Monitoring Our Drivers

To ensure that our employees maintain our high standard of excellence, our sensors keep track of following distance and other factors that can make the difference between a safe trip and an accident. We also measure driver performance long-term, so they know where their safety score ranks compared to their fellow drivers. If a driver tries to speed or engage in other dangerous driving behaviors, the dash cam will alert them in real-time, so they know to return to safe driving habits. 

Monitor Weather and Traffic

To ensure the safest and most enjoyable ride, Samsara’s GPS tracking lets drivers know what areas to avoid with real-time updates on weather and traffic. 

With all this safety, Sterling Limousine & Transportation Services is the obvious choice for those who are looking for wedding limos in the Philadelphia, PA area, as well as other transportation needs. 

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