Proceeding With Caution: Tips for Safe Travel During COVID-19

vehicle with medical face mask hanging from rearview mirror
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Everyone has been tasked to find new ways to navigate the world we live in during these uncertain times. One thing that’s true is that we’re all doing the best we can with unfortunate circumstances. While much of the chaos of everyday life has come to a grinding halt, some events are unpredictable and may require our participation despite the pandemic.

If you have an upcoming car trip, it’s essential to take all the steps you can to ensure the safety of yourself, loved ones, and anyone whose path you may cross while on the road.

Infographic depicting a pandemic travel check list

Plan Your Trip

States and counties have different COVID-19 restrictions and mask requirements. You may also encounter additional closures at toll booths, gas stations, and sit-down restaurants. Major hotel chains should be open and operating at a limited capacity. As such, do your research and plan ahead. Make reservations in advance and call to confirm availability before you leave for your trip. It may help “drop pins” on your GPS route to pre-plan stops for fuel, meals, and rest. 

Build A Kit

You probably already carry face masks, hand sanitizer, and a pair of gloves, so preparing a kit for your car trip should be straightforward. Complete your pandemic preparedness kit by packing hand sanitizer, extra clean masks, disinfecting wipes, and a supply of snacks. 

If you’re traveling over a long distance, you may need to stop for fuel at some point. Gas station pumps are high-touch areas, so it’s a good idea to pay with a card to avoid unnecessary face-to-face contact and wipe down the pump before and after you touch it. By packing additional snacks, you can also skip the trip inside the store and keep exposure at bay.

Travel with Caution

Pandemic or not, you still need to get where you need to go. While traveling during a pandemic, it’s important to make adjustments to limit your risk of contracting the virus and spreading it to others. If you have an occasion or trip you’re traveling for, it’s a good idea to quarantine before and after you arrive at your destination. 

Trust Sterling Limousine & Transportation Services To Get You Where You Need To Go

There is no getting around it — all this planning can be exhausting. That is why it’s a good idea to employ additional resources when traveling during a pandemic. Sterling Limousine & Transportation Services will take care of all the details so you can relax! When you hire us to transport you to your destination, you can rest assured that your checklist will be tended to, as we provide complimentary face masks and Sterling disinfectant wipes, Sterling hand sanitizers, and gloves. 

Additionally, our drivers are diligent regarding cleaning and disinfecting vehicles and their high-contact touchpoints after every single ride, along with a deep clean each day and electrostatic disinfecting each day. Our regularly tested drivers oversee route planning that considers closures and optimal routes, so you don’t have to. 

For more information about how our professional transportation services ensure our clients’ wellbeing and our COVID-19 protocols, reach out today!