Why Is Sterling the Right Choice for Deluxe Corporate Travel?

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If you rely on taxis or ride-sharing apps to transport your corporate clients and colleagues, then you are gambling with your company’s image. Travel with Sterling Limousine & Transportation Services, and you will enjoy a top-quality experience every time! Here’s why corporations worldwide choose Sterling:

Time Is Money

The Sterling team respects the value of your time, which is why we offer punctual pick-up and drop-off. Our cars also save you all of the hassles of finding your way around, such as looking for parking, taking shuttle buses, and even getting lost.

Communication Is Key

We remain in close contact with you throughout your experience. You will receive a confirmation email immediately after booking your car and a second email 24-hours before your scheduled pick-up time. You will also receive an email just 45 minutes before your pick-up time with your chauffeur’s name and cell phone number.

Reflect Your Brand

When you arrange transportation for a client or colleague, the quality of their experience will reflect on your company. A sleek car, courteous chauffeur, and stress-free ride will leave them in a better mood for future business interactions.

Work On-the-Go

Imagine trying to make a crucial business call on a public bus. It wouldn’t go very well, would it? Now, switch the location of that scenario to a comfortable, smooth ride via a deluxe airport car service near Philadelphia, PA, with affiliate companies worldwide. Our vehicles also include free WiFi, so you can check your emails and even do some work online.

Show Appreciation

When your company arranges for a private car, it sends a clear message to those you work with: “We are grateful that you came here today, and we want to make sure that you get home safely and with no hassle.”

Commit to Safety

At many corporate events, such as holiday parties, happy hours, or networking lunches, having a few drinks isn’t that unusual. When you hire a trusted transportation service, you ensure that your colleagues don’t have to decide between a little indulgence and staying safe behind the wheel.

Additionally, at Sterling Limousine & Transportation Services, all of our vehicles are GPS-tracked and equipped with Samsara. This ensures that our highly-trained chauffeurs always drive safely and respond quickly to any traffic jams or other obstacles on the road.

To schedule your luxurious corporate event or airport transportation near Allentown, PA, please call 866-SLS-RIDE or contact us online.