Top 3 Tips for International Travel

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Planning a trip abroad can be a hassle. With passports, packing and finding a way to the airport, you’ve probably got a lot of decisions to make! Before you fly, check out our top three tips for traveling out of the country, and be sure to book your car service to PHL as soon as possible. Bon Voyage!

Arrive early. We know, you’ve probably heard this tip 100 times before, but it’s best to arrive at your airport at least two hours ahead of time. International flights have heightened security, so be sure to have your passport ready and on your person at all times. If your flight leaves at an unusual hour, an airport shuttle service in Philadelphia PA can get you there on time without having to inconvenience your friends for a ride!

Save on drinks at the airport. Thanks to TSA regulations, the largest bottle of liquid you can bring along with you is 100 mL, which is about three and a half ounces. However, most people don’t know that you are free to bring in as many empty water bottles as you’d like in your carry on. Instead of paying $5 for a bottle of water, save by bringing a reusable bottle and filling up at water fountains around the airport.

Ditch your carry-on. No, we don’t mean leave it at home! To save money on luggage fees for shorter trips, consider packing all of your clothing and necessities in a larger carry-on and putting in-flight essentials (reading material, laptops, etc.) in a backpack. Most airlines will offer complimentary carry-on checking to your final destination to save room in overhead bins, so you’ll essentially get to check your bag for free at the gate!

If you wish to book a reservation for you ride to the airport for your international trip, we encourage you to contact our friendly team here at Sterling Limousine & Transportation Services today!